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Scooter Rental Santorini by Rent me … Love me

For scooter rental Santorini we always offer more. We offer new, clean & in perfect condition scooter vehicles.
Also we offer and the best price for rent scooter Santorini and the best quality scooter hire Santorini services.
Find the right scooter for Santorini and enjoy our Santorini scooter services.

Santorini rent me love me

Quality rent scooter Santorini services


Scooter rental Santorini without hidden costs

First of all with us you can be sure that you will not have extra hidden costs. Second all our prices are final and include third party insurance. Third we offer the best prices for our Scooter rental Santorini services.


Rent me Love me Scooter rental Santorini services

We named our company Rent me Love me because we love our rental business. We love to offer more for our rent scooter Santorini services. Thats why we offer the best friendly service for scooter rental Santorini.

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Scooter hire Santorini services with exact model scooter

We provide quality scooter hire Santorni services. We alwasy deliver the exact scooter model that you booked and not similar. Not unpleased surprices. Scooter hire Santorini without problems.


 Rent scooter Santorini without pre charge of your credit card

We always offer more for our rent scooter Santorini services. In order to confirm your online reservation we require your credit card but we do not pre charge it. Quality scooter rental Santorini services.

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Scooter Hire Santorini

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1. Enter the desired pick up
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Chooce your vehicle
Enter your data
Enjoy your scooter in Santorini

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Rent me…Love me quality scooter hire Santorini services

Safe & Easy Online Reservation System for ATV, Buggy, Quad & Scooter hire Santorini.

Santorini rent me love me

Check some of our scooter rental Santorini vehicles

Find the Santorini scooter that is right for you

SCOOTER-PIAGGIO-FLY-100Piaggio Fly 100 is the economy Santorini scooter. Fly 100 is a small but powerfull & reliable 4-stoke automatic scooter. It has disk brakes, 7 hp engine, electric start & helmet compartment. It is a very good and economy scooter for Santorini.

SCOOTER-HONDA-VISION-110Honda Vision 110 is the Santorini scooter that you will love. It's a very reliable scooter with 4 stoke enigine, 8,4hp, disk brakes, electric start & helmet compartment. Also It has a big comfortable saddle for 2 grown adults and is a great scooter for Santorini roads.

SCOOTER-KYMCO-AGILITY-125Kymco Agility 125cc is a very popular Santorini scooter. It has 4 stoke engine, 10hp, disk brakes & 16" Wheels. The saddle is quite large for two persons ans is very comfortable. A very popular scooter for Santorini island.

Rent the right scooter for Santorini and enjoy your holidays

SCOOTER-GILLERA-RUNNER-125Gillera runner ST 125 is the Santorini scooter that will amaze you. The ST 125 is the leading light in its category with a liquid-cooled 4-stroke engine to ensure excellent performance levels and total reliability.  It's a very good scooter for Santorini.

SCOOTER-SYM-SYMPHONY-150SYM Symphony 150cc is the best seller Santorini Scooter. It's a 4-stoke electric start scooter, with 16" wheels, 2 disc brakes, 13 hp and a big saddle, that is comfortable even for two persons. The powerful engine makes it a great scooter for Santorini uphills rides.

SCOOTER-KYMCO-AGILITY-200Kymco Agility 200cc is the TOP Santorini scooter. 15hp powerfull 4-stoke engine, 2 disk brakes, & 16" Wheels make it the TOP scooter for Santorini. The saddle is quite large and very comfortable even for long rides. Especially if you want to go around the villages of Santorini.

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