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Santorini Buggy Rental

For Santorini buggy rental we always offer more. We offer new, clean & in perfect condition buggy vehicles. 
Also we offer the best prices for buggy Santorini rental. Rent me … Love me quality Santorini buggy hire services.

Santorini buggy rental with Rent me Love me

Drive in style in Santorini with a buggy from Rent me Love me. If you want to drive in style in Santorini the best solution is to rent a buggy from us. We offer the best Santorini buggy rental services.

Easy online buggy Santorini rental system

Now you can book safe and easy your buggy in Santorini with our new online buggy Santorini rental system. Enter pick up and drop off info, choose the buggy that you like and book it online with safety.

Santorini buggy hire with exact model buggy

We provide quality Santorini buggy hire services. Thats why we always deliver the exact buggy model that you requested and not a similar. Rent a buggy in Santorini & have a great time. Santorini buggy rentals.

Buggy rental without pre charge of your credit card

Finally we do not pre charge your credit card for our Santorini buggy rental services. In order to rent a buggy in Santorini we require your credit card data for secure reasons. Quality buggy Santorini rental.

Rent me…Love me quality buggy Santorini hire services

Santorini is a very beautiful and unique Greek island. One of the best ways to explore Santorini is to rent a buggy in Santorini. 

With our buggy Santorini rental services you can be sure that you will drive in style, you will have a lot of fun and that you will explore Santorini with comfortable. Our Santorini buggy vehicles are ideal if you want to know this beautiful island.

Why rent a buggy in Santorini?

With a buggy in Santorini you will drive in style and you will stand out from all the others. The buggy is very comfortable and very easy to drive. It’s the ideal vehicle for Santorini Island. With a buggy in Santorini you can go easy around the town and also explore the whole island.

Oia is the jewel of our island. It’s unique!!! It’s like nothing you have ever seen before. Visit Oia, view amazing sunsets, take unique pictures and enjoy your holidays in Santorini.

Perissa is well known as the village with the longest sea front in Santorini. Actually the longest black sandy beach in Santorini. The beach starts from Perissa and ends in Perivolos.

Akrotiri is a nice small village about 10Km from Fira. In Akrotiri worth seeing the prehistoric settlement, the Venetian castle and the lighthouse. Don’t miss the incredible red beach and the crystal clear sea.

Kamari is about 10Km from Fira. In Kamari you can enjoy the sea and the unique black beach. It’s a beautiful beach, about 4,6 Km long and 190 m large.

The “small” Buggy Santorini proposals

CF MOTO 650cc is our 1st Buggy Santorini proposition. The CF MOTO 650cc is a multifunctional buggy based on the mature and stable CFMOTO 650CC engine platform.

The 2nd proposal for BUGGY Santorini is CF Ssv Z Force 800cc. A powerfull and strong buggy with V-twin, 8-valve, SOHC, 4-stroke and Max Power Output 62 HP.

The 3rd proposal for BUGGY Santorini is Joyner Python 900cc. The buggy is powerful, and in excellent condition with horse power 70hp, the ideal 2-passenger buggy.

The “BIG” Buggy Santorini proposals

The 4th proposal for BUGGY Santorini is Polaris RZR 1000cc with amazing performance, very beautiful design and comfortable driving. An amazing experience that you can see and feel.

The 5th proposal for BUGGY Santorini is Joyner By Renli 1100cc. It is an untamed mechanical beast. A very powerful buggy for exploring Santorini from one edge to the other with horsepower 80hp, 4 stroke, Top box and rear gear.

Explore Santorini the easy way!

Start your vacations in Santorini with a byggy from rent me - Love me

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Delivery 24h to Port, Airport, Hotel, Cruise ships | Several Meeting Points